Grow and Transform your Business

Review, understand and plan how your business needs to change

Is your business equipped to meet all its challenges?  We can work with you to perform a Strategic Review and determine the changes needed to meet your goals.

Perhaps you know you need to make changes, but you are not sure what needs to change? We will create the Target Operating Model for your business, and develop the change roadmap to implement this. 

If growth is your primary agenda, we can help you establish Amazon as a new sales channel, or support you in creating winning RFP responses

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It may have been some time since you started your business, or your business environment may have changed.  If so, you may benefit from a strategic review of your business to help you best assign your scarce resources.

We will use a framework of models and tools developed in conjunction with Henley Management College to evaluate:

  • Your strategic objectives
  • The internal and external environment
  • Strategic development approach and evaluation
  • Execution and management approach
 The RitchieHogg Strategic Review Model developed with Henley Management College

For smaller businesses, we recommend that we perform this review as a series of workshops over a several weeks.  This ensure that while the review takes place, there is no loss of focus on the existing business. 

All organisations have an operating model which defines the way they work.  In most cases, this has developed organically, with limited consideration of the optimal model for the business.

 Target Operating Model Framework

We can undertake an 'as-is' review of your operating model against 8 dimensions, identifying and recommending opportunities for improvement, to establish to 'to-be' Target Operating Model.  

By comparing the as-is and to-be positions, we will develop a roadmap for change, which will bring the business into full alignment with the needs of the customer.

For a traditional 'bricks and mortar' business, the move to online trading brings a significant growth opportunity.  However, while it is easy to establish an online presence, making this a successful sales channel presents many challenges.

We can help you decide the correct online trading approach for you, and how to make it a success.  This can include commerce platforms, marketing options such as pay-per-click advertising, fulfilment challenges and customer support.

We have a particular specialisation in establishing Amazon as a distribution channel, gaining access to tens of millions of customers across Europe.  Our consultants can quickly establish your Amazon Marketplace presence.  You will be able and choose to fulfil your orders yourself, or take advantage of Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA).  Whether you are a reseller or promoting your own products, we can assist you in becoming a leading seller on Amazon.

In the B2B marketplace, writing a winning RFP response can mean taking significant market share from your competition.  We have extensive experience in evaluating and responding to complex Requests for Proposal (RFPs).  

We can support your RFP responses, increasing your chances of success:

  • Reviewing the RFP document and making recommendations for response.
  • Coordination and management of the response for complex bids, allowing your teams to focus on the content and customer value.
  • Writing the response document in commercially compelling terms. 
  • Developing innovative commercial propositions that your customers will value.
  • Reviewing your RFP responses and making recommendations for improvement.

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