Mergers and Acquisitions Services

Acquisitions can support the growth of your business in many ways - increased market share, diversification, product acquisition, and others.  It can be the one of the fastest ways to scale up.  However, if not managed correctly, it can be extremely disruptive and destroy shareholder value, even risking the future of the business.  

75% of M&A deals fail to deliver a clear return on investment.  

Large companies acknowledge this, and will establish a comprehensive M&A process which describe all the activities needed to successfully execute acquisitions. 

Smaller companies may not have the skills, experience or time to perform all these activities in-house.  Business owners and senior managers are busy enough running their companies without learning about M&A processes or running an Integration programme.

M&A activities can easily be a full-time role and attempting to balance these with day-to-day responsibilities can be a catalyst for deal failure.

RitchieHogg can bolster your team and provide expertise in the end-to-end M&A process:

 RitchieHogg M&A Framework

With our support you can increase the value obtained from your deals, achieve the results faster, and do so with far lower risk to the business.

We offer the following services:

RitchieHogg was established to address the challenges of M&A in the SME environment.  We have identified the best practices for M&A processes and Post-Merger Integration projects.

You gain from our experience working on complex deals with frequent acquirers and leading consultancies.  We have taken the lessons learned by large corporations, and made these available to smaller businesses.

75% of mergers and acquisitions fail. Contact us today to make sure yours is not one of them.