M&A Target Analysis and Assessment

When a business has decided to follow a strategy of growth by acquisition, the first phase of the deal is to identify potential targets.

RitchieHogg can support your business in identifying, screening and assessing potential acquisition targets for your business.  We will deliver a pipeline of potential acquisition targets, which can be managed through a deal funnel.  This process ensures only the best prospects have the time and effort incurred to perform in-depth analysis.

 Target analysis and assessment is a key element of the early phase of an M&A Deal

Target Analysis

RitchieHogg can manage the process of identifying and screening potential acquisition targets for your business.  We will work with our network of contacts and research resources to determine businesses which may suit your requirements.

Once a potential target has been identified, we will screen this according to criteria that have been agreed, to determine whether a potential deal should be progressed.  Those deals that are approved move to the assessment phase of the Deal Funnel.

 Potential Mergers and Acquisitions should pass through a deal funnel to determine suitability

Target Assessment

Acquisition Target Assessment is a more in depth review of a smaller set of prospects.  For each prospect which makes it to this phase of the funnel, a package will be produced which provides:

  • A summary overview of the target - operations, strengths, weaknesses, ownership, etc.
  • An initial high level valuation based on publicly available data
  • Suggested value drivers and synergy opportunities
  • An assessment of availability for acquisition

This background information and a more detailed scoring of assessment criteria will enable potential targets to be objectively compared against each other and suitability for the growth objectives.

The information collected at this point provides sufficient detail for an approach to be made to a potential acquisition.

We recommend that if M&A is your core growth strategy, the Target Analysis and Assessment activities should be continually undertaken.  

RitchieHogg can manage these processes on your behalf to ensure consistency and free up your management time to focus on running the business.  Arrange an initial discussion to discuss how this would work for your business: