Merger and Acquisition Advice

Mergers & Acquisitions are not Business as Usual. Failing to properly manage M&A means the objectives of the deal will not be delivered, and the whole business may be put at risk.  Management focus should be on running the business while a project team manages the integration. 

Most businesses do not have the skills, experience or bandwidth to deliver deals successfully. Managers cannot dedicate the necessary time to manage the end-to-end M&A process, particularly during the integration phase. This cannot be treated as a side activity.

The complexity and effort of managing an acquisition must not be underestimated.

 RitchieHogg provides Merger and Acquisition process advice and M&A coaching for executives

Business Leader M&A Support

RitchieHogg can help businesses understand the scope and complexities around M&A, and prepare the business for this activity.  We can work with your senior leaders and deal teams to brief and coach them in what is required, and support them throughout the process.  We will cover:

  • The end-to-end M&A process
  • The different phases of M&A - Strategy, Transaction, Execution and Tracking
  • Risks and challenges in the M&A process, including lessons learned from previous deals

Following the completion of a deal we can perform a Post-Deal Review. In this, we will work with you to review the approach taken, the outcomes and lessons learned.  This can lead to the development or update of your M&A Playbook covering the specific approach taken to Mergers and Acquisitions in your organisation.

M&A Process Advice and Set-up

For an organisation that is considering M&A as part of the growth strategy, it is critical to have processes that are well defined.  The definition of the activities required at each stage, the roles and responsibilities, and the expected outcomes will all contribute to an increased chance of deal success.

This service is ideal for a business which has not previously undertaken acquisitions, or which has faced problems with these in the past.  In the latter case, previous lessons learned can be used to further customise the processes, creating a specific M&A Playbook for that company.

  • Definition of M&A processes, customised to client scale and specific industry or other requirements:
    • M&A Strategy
    • Target Screening & Selection
    • Due Diligence - financial, legal and operational
    • Value driver and synergy planning, including opportunity prioritisation
    • Transaction Execution
    • Integration planning, including Day 1, Day 100 actions
    • Operating Model change planning
    • Deal Value Realisation
    • Tracking and Reporting including Governance processes.
  • M&A Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Definition of the M&A roles
    • Briefing/training for the nominated role owners
  • Outputs:
    • High-level playbook customised for the client
    • Tools and templates customised for the client

Do you have the experience, capabilities AND the bandwidth to successfully plan and deliver your acquisitions?  RitchieHogg can supplement your team to inject this expertise and additional capacity.  Arrange an initial discussion to find out more: