Collaborate Better

Helping your team deliver results by working together better

Collaboration impacts all part of the business and is driven in equal parts by culture, structure and technology.  

While addressing only one of these will not fix an underlying problem, it is often easier to implement a new technology based collaboration platform as a 'quick fix' while resolving  other structural issues over the longer term.  These wider issues can be addressed as part of a Target Operating Model review.

Recent years have brought about many new options for collaboration including dedicated platforms such as Slack or Basecamp, and collaborative tools such as TrelloBox, Evernote or Asana.

 Slack for team collaboration
 Basecamp for team collaboration
 Asana for collaborative project management
 Trello for simple collaborative projects

We will work with you to understand the collaboration challenges in your business.  If a  technology change will help address these, we will support you in the selection of tools to meet your needs at the lowest cost to your business.

However, selecting a tool is just the first step.  If these are not deployed in a structured manner, you may lose the potential benefits, waste your investment, and the business may suffer unnecessary distraction.  We will support your collaboration technology deployments with:

  • Deployment Support with comprehensive plans and documentation
  • Application set-up including user administration and recommended configurations
  • Training and education for administrators and users
  • Ongoing support such as administration and configuration changes

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